Gift Ideas

Whether it's for birthdays, father's day, Christmas, you name it. We've got something for every occasion. Here are some of our favourites

Gift Ideas

  1. Part No:SI-2663
    £10.75 ( £8.96 Ex. VAT)

    Aoyue Universal Soldering Iron Holder/ Stand 2663
  2. Part No:AC-SL2010
    £89.94 ( £74.95 Ex. VAT)

    Temperature Controlled Multi Station - 24V / 20W iron plus 14 tips

  3. Part No:SI-939-PLUS-BK
    £4.98 ( £4.15 Ex. VAT)

    Pre Order Now and Save 5% or Please Contact Us For Stock Details

    Aoyue 939+ Black Vacuum Pick Up Pen for picking and placing SMD packages.
  4. Part No:SI-3211-LED-UK
    £16.32 ( £13.60 Ex. VAT)

    Aoyue 3211 LED Illuminated Soldering Iron - 70W UK Plug
  5. Part No:SI-KIT-08
    £63.00 ( £52.50 Ex. VAT)

    Soldering Iron Set - Supplied with solder, solder sucker, and replacement solder tips
  6. Part No:SI-KIT-07
    £16.37 ( £13.64 Ex. VAT)

    SI-T-B, SI-T-LB, SI-T-0.8D, SI-T-1.2D, SI-T-1.6D, SI-T-2.4D, SI-T-1C, SI-T-0.5C
  7. Part No:SI-KIT-06
    £16.21 ( £13.51 Ex. VAT)

    SI-T-SI, SI-T-SB, SI-T-I x3, SI-T-B, SI-T-LB, SI-T-S8
  8. Part No:SI-KIT-05
    £16.25 ( £13.54 Ex. VAT)

    SI-T-S3, SI-T-0.8D, SI-T-1.2LD, SI-T-1.6D, SI-T-2LD, SI-T-2.4D, SI-T-3.2D, SI-T-3.2LD
  9. Part No:SI-KIT-04
    £15.46 ( £12.88 Ex. VAT)

    Pre Order Now and Save 5% or Please Contact Us For Stock Details

    SI-T-0.5C, SI-T-0.8C, SI-T-1C, SI-T-2C, SI-T-3C, SI-T-4C, SI-T-S6, SI-T-S7
  10. Part No:SI-KIT-03
    £13.20 ( £11.00 Ex. VAT)

    A selection of stainless steel, ESD safe tweezers, with rounded, bent, and pointed tips. Handles are coated in an anti-static dissipative material, this ESD coating helps protect electronic devices from static damage.
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